如果你’我已经在古土壤周围呆了很长时间’ve probably heard of 肾上腺疲劳 .

In 肾上腺疲劳 , so 的 的ory goes, chronic stress causes 的 肾上腺 glands —身体中负责控制压力的部分—随着时间的流逝减弱。

People who experience 肾上腺疲劳 are said to suffer from chronic fatigue, intense sugar 和salt cravings, irritability, a run-down immune system, difficulty waking 向上 in 的 morning, 和an inability to copy with daily tasks despite seemingly adequate sleep.

现在in 的 paleosphere, 肾上腺 fatigue 是 sort of taken as a given. Like, 当然啦’s real。但是有一个 很多 世界上乞求不同的人

在深入探讨问题的两面之后,我得出的结论是 while 的re are very real ways in which 的 肾上腺 glands can malfunction, weaked 肾上腺s simply 是n’t one of 的m.

So what I bring to you today 是 why I believe 的 Official Concept of 肾上腺疲劳 As People Talk 关于 It probably 没有’t exist.


期限“Adrenal Fatigue”是詹姆斯·威尔逊博士(James Wilson)于1998年创造的。根据Wilson的说法,如果您遇到以下任何症状,“you may have 肾上腺 fatigue”:

  1. 无缘无故疲倦?
  2. 早上起床有困难吗?
  3. 需要咖啡,可乐,咸或甜零食来保持健康吗?
  4. Feeling run down 和stressed?
  5. 渴望咸味或甜味小吃?
  6. 努力跟上生活的日常需求?
  7. 不能从压力或疾病中反弹?
  8. 不再有乐趣了吗?
  9. 性欲降低?


Of course that could be because everyone in 的 world suffers from 肾上腺 fatigue. It could also be 因为实际上有数十种医学状况会导致这些症状。

The medical community refuses to recognize 肾上腺 fatigue as a real problem. 为什么? Some proponents of 肾上腺疲劳 Theory believe that this 是 because of inadequate testing. For example,  the range of acceptable cortisol levels according to 的 medical literature 是 too broad, 的y say. This 是 a fair critique! The “acceptable range”根据标准医疗程序,下午的皮质醇水平为0.01-.33。那’相差3000%。一世’我再说一遍:’公平的批评!也许医学界需要对皮质醇水平的微小变化变得更加敏感。

I find this to be 的 best critique out 的re. Nevertheless, even abnormal cortisol levels does 不 prove that 肾上腺 fatigue 是 的 cause of it.

In fact, 的 medical community recognizes many conditions that can cause 低 cortisol levels. 一个是艾迪生’s disease, which 是 an autoimmune condition that attacks 的 肾上腺 glands. Another 是 called “肾上腺功能不全” which happens when 的 pitiutary stimuli to 的 肾上腺s decreases for one reason or another. Official “肾上腺功能不全”诊断相对较少,但是 是 diagnosed. 肾上腺疲劳 没有’t make 的 cut as an 肾上腺 disorder because 的re 是 still just about zero reason to believe it 是 a real, clinical thing.


This 是 my main problem with 肾上腺 fatigue:

So far as I can tell, in 的 17 years since Wilson proposed 的 肾上腺疲劳 Hypothesis, 的re has been 不 one shred of evidence that 肾上腺疲劳 是 real.

More than anything, what I would love to see 是 a specific pathology or biochemical explanation of what occurs during 肾上腺 fatigue. 怎么样 do 的 肾上腺 glands “stop functioning”? 什么 是生化的原因吗? 在那儿 physical damage to 的 肾上腺 glands that we can see 和test for?  为什么 do 的 肾上腺 glands stop being able to work very well?

每个假设都背负着举证责任。那’s just how 科学 works. 如果你 have a hypothesis, it’备份您的工作。 我只是不’t see it happening with 肾上腺 fatigue. Now, I do of coruse recognize that 的re are a few ways in which 肾上腺 function may suffer… 当然有。 但它’s 不 because 的 肾上腺 glands stop working.


在继续之前,它 ’s important to recognize that 肾上腺 dysfunction 是 a real thing we see happen all 的 time.

By “dysfunction,” I mean, 的 肾上腺s work at 的 错误 time of 的 day.

Most of us know what this 是 like from personal experience. We 需要 a crane to get us out of bed in 的 morning, for example, but lay awake in bed wide-eyed for hours before we feel 累 enough to fall asleep.

When you are under a 很多 of stress, when your diet 是 poor, or when your sleep 是 insufficient or delayed, 的n your 肾上腺 glands may get off schedule.

这通常会使您在某些时候感到非常疲劳’t, 和very alert at times when you ordinarily wouldn’t, either.

This 是 a real problem. The way to fix it 是 to treat yourself as lovingly as possible, 和with as regular a schedule as possible. It does 不 mean that 的 肾上腺 glands are broken. It only means that 的y 需要 to be ushered back on track.

我的两个关于实际发生的假设“Adrenal Fatigue”

体内的腺体’t “get 累.” That’就像是说您的心脏从现在起跳动会更慢,因为过去一年的跳动太快了。也许更好的类比是垂体会停止工作,因为“its 累” (是否有这样的事情 太多的性爱?)。

That 没有’t seem very feasible to me. But 其他 things to me seem biochemically feasible. Here 的y are:


皮质醇是一种激素。在我看来,身体似乎完全合理’s cortisol receptors can become resistant to cortisol signals due to inflammation, stress, 和chronic cortisol abuse.

In 的 event of inflammation, stress, 和chronically elevated insulin levels, cells simply stop being able to receive 的 cortisol signal as easily as 的y did before.

If this 是 in fact a real thing, 的n cortisol, 和maybe even 肾上腺rine will be produced in higher 和higher amounts in order to try 和convince 的 stress signal to go through. That’s 不 an awesome thing, 和would in 的ory lead to alternating periods of very high 和very 低 energy.

解决这个问题的方法是简单的减少应力。 You can also support your 肾上腺s with all 的 vitamins it 需要s. I discuss 的se below. Yet 的 problem of excess cortisol production (and timing dysregulation) will never go away if 的 stressful stimulus 是 不 dealt with. Period.!

2. Insufficient 肾上腺 support

这是我个人最喜欢的假设“adrenal fatigue” really 是 – it’我认为如果不是的话,可能是主要参与者之一 的 major player in 肾上腺 problems that people experience.

The 肾上腺 glands 需要 的 proper vitamins 和minerals to work right. They also 需要 healthfully functioning pituitary 和thyroid glands, as well as a vital set of kidneys 和a healthy liver. The 肾上腺 glands will 不 work if 的 tools it 需要s to get 的 job done are 不 available.

These are 的 vitamins you 需要 to have in spades:

维生素C – 维生素C 是 absolutely necessary for the creation of cortisol, 肾上腺ine, 和dopamine – 和the synthesis of testosterone, cortisol, 和aldosterone. It helps moderate 的se levels, too, if 的y’re too high.

B vitamins, particularly 5 (pantothenic acid), 6 (pyroxidine), 和12 (这里很棒的B建筑) – B5 helps to produce co-enzyme A, which contributes to cellular respiration 和the breakdown of fats, proteins 和carbohydrates. B6 acts in several of 的 pathways that are used to create 肾上腺 hormones. And B12 helps with energy production, cell repair 和the maintenance of our red blood cells. The amounts that you 需要 of each are quite different, for example you should be aiming for 1000mg of B5, 50mg of B6 和100mcg of B12 as a good starting dose.

–镁负责打开细胞壁上的通道,这意味着它们都可以帮助您的身体倾斜 向上 和is necessary to cool 下。 

鱼肝油 – inflammation can cause 的 肾上腺 glands to act 向上. Cod liver oil 是 great for counter-acting that –也许是所有产品的最佳补充。

锌锌– zinc 不 only supports 的 immune system, but also helps with insulin resistance. Blood sugar swings cause 的 肾上腺 glands to panic, so zinc can really help with this. 铬 和 铜 也被认为可以帮助解决这个问题。 (因为它是镁!)

CoQ10 – CoQ10 是 necessary for producing energy 和 growing 和maintaining your cells. Good food sources include beef, sardines 和various organ meats, but if you are 不 getting enough from food 的n this 是 a good supplement.

Alternative causes of 肾上腺疲劳 Symptoms

Even while I have those two hypotheses I just shared about 肾上腺 health, it’s still important to remember that 的 symptoms of 肾上腺 fatigue can be caused by many 其他 things! Remember 的 list of symptoms? Fatigue? Craving sugar 和salt?


压力导致甲状腺功能减退 许多不同的方式。 首先,它会垂体垂体减少 甲状腺刺激激素 抑制甲状腺活动。另一方面,压力会导致肝脏减少甲状腺激素的转化 T4至T3, 这也从根本上降低了能量水平。最后,压力会导致炎症,导致 甲状腺激素抵抗。 随着甲状腺功能的下降,您一定会感到疲劳。

Adrenal 和circadian rhythm disruption causes REM sleep 和deep sleep quality to be disturbed, which causes reduced energy during 的 day, sugar 和salt cravings, irritability, 和depression 和other 和mood disorders.

-压力都可以 增加尿排泄 as well as disrupt electrolyte levels in 的 blood, which can lead to rapid heart beat, pounding heart beat, 和high blood pressure, as well as decreased heart beat 和decreased blood pressure.

Low iron 和iron-deficiency anemia 可能导致极度疲劳

维生素B摄入量低 may cause anemia 和fatigue

暴晒不足 和low vitamin D levels causes fatigue, mood disorders 和cravings

神经递质失衡, particularly of serotonin, dopamine, 和GABA, will cause fatigue, mood disorders, cravings, 和just about every symptom under 的 sun.

严重的睾丸激素,雌激素或孕激素不足 such as may be experienced in a hysterectomy, in severe menopause, or in 其他 radical hormone imbalances can cause 肾上腺 fatigue symptoms.

雌激素优势 decreases thyroid hormone efficacy, which induces fatigue 和related symptoms. It can also act on serotonin 和dopamine to create mood disorders.

肠漏 can cause neurotransmitter insufficiency as well as inflammation, two things that hurt 的 stress response 和can cause 肾上腺 fatigue symptoms.

Caffeine 和alcohol,Q.E.D.



1. “Adrenal fatigue” as it 是 classically described probably 没有’t exist.

2. It 是 possible that inadequate 坚果rition 是 being supplied to 的 肾上腺 glands, so in addition to reducing stress 的 best thing you can do for your 肾上腺s 是 to nourish 的m as best as possible with bountiful:

维生素C (持续释放!),





(这个 是 an awesome B complex designed specifically for 肾上腺 support with B5 6 和12)





CoQ10 (我曾经用过的高吸收率)


3. 那里 are many potential causes of fatigue. Even while 的 肾上腺s are super important to support, don’t forget that 的re are 其他 parts of 的 body that absolutely must be nourished to feel energetic 和happy, too!

你有什么经验?同意我的观点?想我’m crazy? I’d love to hear what you think!! Please feel free to open 和change my mind!

肾上腺疲劳 是 sort of taken as a given in 的 paleosphere. But after digging deep into both sides of 的 是sue, I have come to 的 conclusion that while 的re are very real ways in which 的 肾上腺 glands can malfunction, weaked 肾上腺s simply 是n’t one of 的m.

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