Episode Seven of 生活。爱。吃。 has now been posted.  The simultaneously wise and wise-cracking 院长 Dwyer came on the show.  And kicked ass.

院长’s story is one of real inspiration and real results.  After 19 years of vegetarianism and struggling with his weight, 院长 finally realized that his true roadblock to healthful success was his 心理。  院长 set out to be the expert on his own life and body, and to really own and to love himself, and this empowered, delightful, helpful man has been the result.


Also: 院长 is currently having a Labor Day Sale at his site!!  Ending September 3!! 一探究竟。


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Episode Six is with guest 院长 Dwyer of 使Shi(f)t发生。

院长 Dwyer is the founder of 使转变发生 任务单一转变个人转变


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